Our Strategy

From Seed to
Growth Stage

The Northstar Group has a broad and flexible investment mandate. We invest companies from seed to growth stage. This allows us to support companies and their founders over long periods of time and double-down on quality fast-growing businesses.

We work closely with management teams to accelerate growth by providing capital, operational value-add and establishing partnerships across our ecosystem.

Geographical Focus

We believe that Southeast Asia, and in particular Indonesia – with the world’s fourth largest population, attractive demographics, and a stable democracy – will continue to provide excellent investment opportunities. Selectively, we may also invest in other countries in this region, such as Singapore and Vietnam.

Sector Focus

We focus on the Consumer, Financial Services and Digital Economy Sectors. Northstar Group has significant industry experience in these sectors, and we believe that they will continue to benefit from the substantial demographic and socio-economic tailwinds in Southeast Asia, including a young population, rising middle class, and significant increases in productivity and consumption. Although we generally pursue investments in these focus sectors, we will opportunistically also invest in other sectors.